An Authentic Japanese Day Spa in Melbourne

Conveniently situated on Johnston Street in Collingwood, with off-street parking available at rear, our authentic Japanese day spa aims to create a little space for the harmony and serenity of the tombo (dragonfly) in the middle of Melbourne.

We all find it hard to make time for ourselves in this modern day and age, but when we do, the benefits can be unparalleled. Step inside and leave the city behind - through our door you'll find a hospitable, respectful and calm space, where you'll enjoy the refinements of Japanese culture coupled with the wisdom of traditional healing practices. Relax and forget your worries in one of our warm and clean massage rooms, allowing you to enjoy a moment of peace and to take better care of yourself.

Our Philosophy - Enjoy the tradition and the tranquility of the tombo...


Think of a beautiful stream, perhaps a Japanese bridge and a simple yet graceful tombo... Clear your mind and you might even hear the beat of the tombo's wings...

To the Japanese, the tombo (dragonfly) represents serenity and harmony, but also resilience. It's a place of mind that we aim to recreate for you at Tombo Massage

- Nature, tranquility, quality, tradition and service

Taking some time out for yourself with us today will help you see improvement in all areas of your life. Whether you want to sleep better, work better or just feel better… it’s all possible when you follow the dragonfly.